LearnBop is creating a technology that will allow experts to pass knowledge to novices seeking to develop a specific skill-set. Experts create extremely short readings and practice problems that adapt to the misconceptions of the individual learner.

Learners can browse our catalog to find very specific concepts that they are interested in learning, for example, “derivatives” or “cannon in d on piano.”

We are currently building the prototype to be released to selected users in August. Stay in touch with us through our blog!

About Bharani

Hi! I am currently a second year student at the Tepper School of Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship at the Don Jones Center For Entrepreneurship.  I am interested in how technology can help us better understand our individual education needs and how we can address them. I strongly believe in giving back to the community but in a sustainable way. The Madoff scheme, recession, and general lack of resources available for socially motivated people and causes have demonstrated that we need to focus our efforts on sustainable models or risk failing to meet the goals we set out for our beneficiaries. Hence, I started a for-profit business with a socially motivated cause.

About Arthur

Arthur was born in Reno, Nevada (the biggest little city in the world!). His family moved to Taipei, Taiwan when he was four. Although raised mostly in Asia, Arthur grew up in a bilingual, multi-cultural environment where educational and social philosophies collide with one another to inspire daunting new perspectives. Arthur received a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Philosophy, and a M.S. in Logic, Computation and Methodology from Carnegie Mellon University. As a result of his interdisciplinary background, Arthur developed a keen interest in understanding and improving education through technology (e.g. Intelligent computer-based instructions) and innovative pedagogical methods (e.g. Guided constructivist learning). Aside from Arthur’s passions for technology and for education, his interests also extend to singing, hip-hop/house dancing, and writing.


info [at] learnbop.com


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