SBIR Grants

Small Business Innovation Research Grants (Link found/sent by Professor Matthew Kam, CMU, Thank you!)

It is important for engineers, scientists, grad students, early-stage entrepreneurs and faculty to understand and assess what the $2.5 billion SBIR innovation research program can offer them.
With R&D and commercialization funding getting harder to find, the SBIR program is unique in that it is increasingly vital to the nation’s innovation economy, since it funds the crucial feasibility and prototyping activities of researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs. This $2.5 billion federal program helps researchers and entrepreneurs do innovative R&D and, at the same time, address the nation’s most critical scientific and engineering needs. The program involves 11 key federal agencies, including NSF, NIH and DOE, each with their own nuances.

The National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer has developed a new online Advanced Course to explicitly teach researchers/entrepreneurs and those advising researchers/entrepreneurs about SBIRs. This in-depth 5-lecture course is offered at the unbeatable price of as little as $7 per 90-minute lecture by two leading experts in the field.

If you are a researcher or entrepreneur, this Advanced Course will save you hundreds of hours trying to understand this important and complex area of funding.

If you are advising researchers and entrepreneurs on funding and commercializing R&D, enroll them in this Advanced Course to allow them to understand and succeed in the SBIR program.

To register for the online course, click here to be taken directly to the course page at


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